Amusement Park//The Attractive Force

// September 23rd, 2009 // Blog, Music

The fantasy world of the amusement park captivates a lonely man. Two songs written and produced with George Landress


The imagination of a lonely heart will conjure attraction and the promise of love from anywhere – a split second expression, a song on the radio, the projection of desire onto unsuspecting people, or images of people.    Sometimes if we aquire the object of our desire it will induce an amazing change in perception as the fantasy transforms into reality, and what had previously been the magnet of our devotions changes polarity and becomes repellent.  These two songs address these themes.

The Amusement Park

You pass me by – Am I dreaming

The ferris wheel ride – Gives my life meaning

Could it be that you exist

The answer’s right here but I resist

My heart is cold – Trapped in a shadow

I run away – Through bright lights and tunnels

Hold on to me as we spin

We’ll stay in the air and go round again


Wooden statues of princes and maidens

I want to be at the amusement park

Dancing alone inside a crystal ball

There you will be at the amusement park

I can’t explain – Why you move me

You entertain – And somehow prove to me

Only you can break this spell

I’m lost in a fog and I just can’t tell


I just hang around cos I’ve got no place to go

I’m so hooked on you within this travelling show


I want to be at the amusement park

Dancing with you, I’m playing a game of chance

There you will be at the amusement park

The Attractive Force

I’m drawn around you like a whirlpool

Everywhere I go I feel you pull me in

I could drown in your eyes, I’m just that kind of fool

But I can’t be weak, I need more strength within, and


Freedom from your face

Freedom from your voice

I’ve got mine – you got your place

I’ve got to fight the attractive force

The attractive force

You came around, full of promises

You had such great visions for you and me

But then I took a closer look deep inside your island

Barren and silent – there’s no one there, I need

l love to hear you talk – love where your mind goes

I’ve seen you make mountains from mere ideas

But I’m stunned into silence watching how you pose

And now I’m choking on my words and it shows

Oh it shows, I need


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