Einstein Estate OKs Belote’s Album

// September 24th, 2009 // Blog, Einstein, Music, News, Updates

Hebrew University in Israel, to whom the bequeath of the Estate of Albert Einstein has been made, has formally approved the release of “Portraits of Albert E.” by William Belote. The personality rights of a iconic figure like Einstein are not licensed without a thorough review of the product and creative force behind that product. It is an honor to receive their stamp of approval.   Here is some of why I was inspired.

Wheeeeeeeee!  Now there's an album about me!

Wheeeeeeeee! Now there's an album about me!

4 Responses to “Einstein Estate OKs Belote’s Album”

  1. nickd32 says:

    Congratulations, Bill. That’s a nice feather in your cap. Good work.

  2. IFE says:

    Great work Bill! Such an interesting topic set to lovely, heartfelt music…keep pushing!

  3. Alex Shapiro says:

    Hooray! I think Einstein would be absolutely delighted to hear how you’ve honored his inspiration, Bill!

  4. Bill:
    Your Einstein Song Cycle absolutely rocks! A great idea, beautifully executed. And what a voice! Congratulations Bill…

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