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A New Take on Sacred Buddhist Chants

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Lama Jigme Tensin, disciple of H.E. his eminence Kalu Rinpoche

Lama Jigme Tenzin, disciple of H.E. Kalu Rinpoche

“Blessings Like Rain” is the first music/video collaboration between Lama Jigme Tenzin and Music House Productions with William Belote and Julie Lilly-Belote.  It is inspired by the deeply resonant singing of Lama Jigme as he chants sacred texts from his Tibetan Buddhist tradition.   The complete chants is found here.

Lama Jigme Tenzin, disciple of H.E.  Kalu Rinpoche is a renouned international Chant Master.  The complete album, “Dragon Voice”,  is a new take on Sacred Buddhist Chants.  It will be released within a month along with an uptempo collaboration entitled “Swift Achiever”.