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Flying green beetles

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I’ve always had a fondness for these beetles, really I have! Just because my only good pictures are of the dead or injured doesn’t mean I am not an admirer of them. They fly around as if inebriated – making big wide turns, bumping into things. Agile like a dragonfly or yellow jacket they are not, but they seem friendly enough and will sometimes land on or near you without any seeming concern.








This guy/girl? somehow lost a wing and was quite vulnerable to the many birds around our yard. Being bird food was probably the ultimate fate, but we gave him/her a few days of comfort in our mulberry tree, just misting him and keeping some company.  Projecting ourselves on the universe outside our brains as we do, we’d like to think he appreciated the attention for the few days we had together.

Grounded due to a missing wing!

down but not out!

Butterfly Love

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Two lovers in the midst of passion, or two energy vortex of color and movement doing the dance of the ages, or two random entities bumping into one another, randomly doing the evolutionary thing, and a lot more!

Albert Einstein to take a screen test!

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That man looks wise!

Oh, it's just me. It's great to have friends!

I will be doing a video demo of my musical Einstein portrayal soon.

I am booking performances for 2012!

From the train to Oregon

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When we want to escape L.A., we are often drawn to the Oregon coast for its’ incredible beauty and opportunities for solitude.

This video is only of the view from the train up to Klamath Falls, OR. Much more from actually being there soon. It is accompanied by music from my first album “Mindsailing”. To my ears now, it has its’ cringe worthy moments, but the spirit is well intentioned. Kind of like me generally!

3-D images of the Sun

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Amazing stereo images of our dear sun. We are so utterly dependent upon this fragile ball of nuclear fusion a mere 93,000,000 miles away, more or less. Thank you NASA for the good work. Notice a particularly spectacular flare near the end of the video in the upper right hand corner.




The truth is out there . . . also.

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OK – let me tell you about “The Integratron”, a bit of science fiction come to life.  Built starting in the  late 40’s by George Van Tassel, an aviation scientist with stints at Hughes and Lockheed, the building/device  took 18 years to complete, and he passed away on the day it was to be tested.

Sitting on a mysterious geomagnetic vortex and originally designed as a healing device, it functions now as an incredible acoustic chamber where the sisters who now own it perform ‘sound baths’ for individuals and groups using crystal bowls to caress the purest tones I’ve ever heard outside of a synthesizer generated sine wave.   Located in Landers, CA., just north of the city of Joshua Tree in the high desert, the Integratron sits like a resting spacecraft from another civilization.    As it turns out, Van Tassel was a major UFO enthusiast.  He told of experiencing contact with aliens who inspired his work.  What I find undeniable is the beauty and intrigue of the Integratron itself and the hallucinatory experience of a sound bath.  Highly Recommended!

ASCAP Expo Rocks

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Four days of full immersion into the world of music, from concert music and jazz, to hip hop and country.  There was a tremendous tribal feeling among all participants, and the chance to hear from legends like Quincy Jones and Bill Withers was an honor and a treat.

I came away fulling buzzed and inspired.  I promptly wrote two songs and ordered a traveling guitar.  It literally folds in half, and when full erect (sorry) it sounds pretty amazing.

Ojai – friendly and beautiful

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The Spring rains made the creeks revive with rushing water and singing frogs while the blossoms were full and vivid.  These pictures give but the merest hint of the quiet presence that pervaded these gardens.  I wonder if the absence of other people had something to do with it.

Scroll down for lots of pictures and another musical interlude.

“I Will Always Love You” composed by William Belote

William Belote - Iwillalwayslove you

Radio Willstar Music ASCAP
copyright 2009 all rights reserved
From a “still on the shelf” film score.  Classical guitar by Scott Tennant

Ojai gardens

two bright flowers

Ojai Lizard

Big hungry bee

William Belote - Open Mexican Beach

“Open Mexican Beach” from the same film
Radio Willstar Music ASCAP
copyright 2009 all rights reserved

Ojai back light

Pond reflections 2, Ojai, CA

pond image, Ojai, CA

pond image

Ojai creek

Lost in the trees

Why Einstein?

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If one were to choose a single person who advanced the evolution of the species, can you do much better than Albert Einstein?  He was intellectually advanced, obviously, but he was also a political progressive with strong pacifist tendencies, and a deeply philosophical and spiritually practical man.  “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”  In 1954, a year before his death, he spoke of wishing to “experience the universe as a single cosmic whole”.  The work of physicist David Bohm and his followers has been to illuminate the science behind this beautiful thought which echos from ages past in the ancient texts of the sages.

What impresses me perhaps most of all is the creativity with which he pursued his scientific quest.   His powers of visualization and intuition were the envy of any artist who ever lived.  He said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, and “Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere”.   He would ‘see’ a new level of reality in the multi-dimensional space of his mind, and then work very hard to describe the new reality in the language of mathematics.  Experimental proof would often take decades to manifest, but when it did, an unsurprised Einstein had already moved onto new challenges.

As revolutionary as his breakthroughs in science, his courageous humanitarian political stance points the way to a future without war, if we can only learn.  He was strongly considered a leading candidate to be Israel’s first President, though it was probably a romantic notion on the part of Israel’s new leaders.  It took the rise of Nazism to convince him that the world was not yet ready for the pure form of nonviolent philosophy he cherished.

At home in the library. I like the sweater!

At home in the library. I like the sweater!

The story behind “Wonder”

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Lights in the sky

Commentary for the first song from “Portraits of Albert E.”