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Ojai – friendly and beautiful

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The Spring rains made the creeks revive with rushing water and singing frogs while the blossoms were full and vivid.  These pictures give but the merest hint of the quiet presence that pervaded these gardens.  I wonder if the absence of other people had something to do with it.

Scroll down for lots of pictures and another musical interlude.

“I Will Always Love You” composed by William Belote

William Belote - Iwillalwayslove you

Radio Willstar Music ASCAP
copyright 2009 all rights reserved
From a “still on the shelf” film score.  Classical guitar by Scott Tennant

Ojai gardens

two bright flowers

Ojai Lizard

Big hungry bee

William Belote - Open Mexican Beach

“Open Mexican Beach” from the same film
Radio Willstar Music ASCAP
copyright 2009 all rights reserved

Ojai back light

Pond reflections 2, Ojai, CA

pond image, Ojai, CA

pond image

Ojai creek

Lost in the trees

Why Einstein?

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If one were to choose a single person who advanced the evolution of the species, can you do much better than Albert Einstein?  He was intellectually advanced, obviously, but he was also a political progressive with strong pacifist tendencies, and a deeply philosophical and spiritually practical man.  “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”  In 1954, a year before his death, he spoke of wishing to “experience the universe as a single cosmic whole”.  The work of physicist David Bohm and his followers has been to illuminate the science behind this beautiful thought which echos from ages past in the ancient texts of the sages.

What impresses me perhaps most of all is the creativity with which he pursued his scientific quest.   His powers of visualization and intuition were the envy of any artist who ever lived.  He said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”, and “Logic will get you from A to B, imagination will take you everywhere”.   He would ‘see’ a new level of reality in the multi-dimensional space of his mind, and then work very hard to describe the new reality in the language of mathematics.  Experimental proof would often take decades to manifest, but when it did, an unsurprised Einstein had already moved onto new challenges.

As revolutionary as his breakthroughs in science, his courageous humanitarian political stance points the way to a future without war, if we can only learn.  He was strongly considered a leading candidate to be Israel’s first President, though it was probably a romantic notion on the part of Israel’s new leaders.  It took the rise of Nazism to convince him that the world was not yet ready for the pure form of nonviolent philosophy he cherished.

At home in the library. I like the sweater!

At home in the library. I like the sweater!

Above Skyline

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Words and music by yours truly, the beautiful cityscape pictures are not from my camera.

New York at night

New York at night

Another morning rush in the cage of steel
I keep my coffee close as I hold the wheel
My longtime friend is the radio
I like a love song scenario
I dream of driving a real freeway
Where changing lanes isn’t work but play

Today’s the day I start to climb
I’ll find my way above skyline


I found the girl I love without trying
All the signs were green and inviting
The message flew from your eyes to me
The feelings grew with intensity
The streets where we learned to hold within
We can now escape from the scene – fade in

Today’s the day we start to climb
We’ll find our way above skyline


Trapped in ruts like traffic
Smothers out the magic
Talking, laughing, touching, teasing
Healing, growing, sussing, pleasing

Today’s the day we start to climb
We’ll find our way above skyline
The strength we feel when we combine
The warmth received from the sunshine
When we find our way above skyline









“Portraits of Albert E.” The album

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Front cover

This album of songs inspired by the life of Albert Einstein will be available soon at CDbaby and itunes.  For now, enjoy these excerpts, and find out why Einstein? Quantcast

Cosmic Love

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Hey, I’m all for cosmic love, but these two should get a room!  Oh, I suppose it’s just gravity at work. NGC 2207 and IC 2163 are a pair of spiral galaxies about 144 million light-years away in the constellation Canis Major that are in the process of colliding and merging together. In about a billion years time they will merge and become an elliptical galaxy. As solitary stars have been found to be the exception, so we find that many galaxies are headed for mixing it up with neighbors.

At this distance, an embrace of light.

At this distance, an embrace of light.


CD Release Date Set for “Portraits of Albert E.”

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The new CD will be available for purchase in December!  “Portraits of Albert E.” Excerpts are posted already and there will be podcast commentaries coming soon with all the inside info on the life of Albert Einstein that inspired the songs, as well as a peak behind the studio wall at the players and gear.

Front cover

Sequoia days

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Hard to completely capture one!

Hard to completely capture one!

It had been many years since Julie and I had visited the Sequoia National Park.  The forests and vistas of high Sierra rock formations are stunning to behold.  The too brief trip gave us a small taste of the deep quiet that is to be found in unmolested nature, and it stimulated my appetite for more backpacking experiences, where one can really sit for a long time in the peace.  We stayed at the Stoney Creek Lodge just outside the Park; it did not earn our recommendation for return trips, but it served the basic necessities.

Looking towards the high Sierra

Looking towards the high Sierra

Sadly, pollution from the lower elevations robs this view of some of its’ clarity. Still, from this vantage point (part way up Moro Rock) there is much beauty to be seen. Climbing Moro Rock btw is a great semi strenuous little hike.

Radio Willstar Music

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Broadcasting peaceful frequencies throughout the local system. Listen, look, feel, respond.

Radio Willstar Music

Radio Willstar Music

This will be a source for new music, art, photography, and discussion. I believe, despite much evidence to the contrary  and the persistent illusion of separate existence, that we are all of one substance. Whatever one may wish to call that all pervading vibration, the organisms known as human beings all seek joy and happiness through whatever means available.  May this site contribute to an experience of peace, curiosity, and illumination.