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Making music with a Tibetan Chant Master

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I am in the midst of a very inspiring project with chant master Lama Jigme Tenzing.   He sings sacred Buddhist texts with deep reverence and atunement.  It is my good fortune that he has asked me collaborate in creating a unique musical/spiritual experience.   We will be releasing single chants as they are finished.  Most or all of them will also be released in video versions via YouTube.

He also offers to people amazing healing energy massage.  If you live in the L.A. area –  Check him out.

An upcoming film of love and joy

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There are not a lot of films like that these days, but I am honored to be contributing music to Posey, a film being made this summer about a major life transition in the life of an elderly woman.  There will be a big Bollywood dance number as the climax and I am very excited to be a part of it.   Take a look and the story and cast here.

Attention fellow Gearheads: The Studio at the moment

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The truth is that music making toys hold a powerful Scientistallure over many of us musicians. While I have managed to relax my addictive state of mind some over the years, I remain fascinated with noise making devices, the software, and audio hardware that are the paint, canvas, and brushes of my work.

Here is my current setup:

Apple Power Mac 8 core with UAD Quad DSP card

Mac Powerbook with dual Intel processors.

Hardware synths:
Oberheim Matrix 12, Yamaha FS1R, Waldorf Blofeld, Access Virus Snow, and Roland XV-88

and my new passion, analog modular – Eurorack format.

Outboard equipment:

api 3124 mic-pre/mixer

Avalon VT-747SP Stereo compressor/eq

Aphex 109 tube eq

Eventide Orville

Lexicon PCM 80

Main software:

Logic 9, Abelton Live 8, Reason 6, Melodyne, Sibelius, Metasynth, Izotope, UAD plugins,

Arturia virtual synths (Moog Modular, Arp 2600, Roland Jupiter 8), and more!

BFD2 real drums, Huge library of East/West orchestral and world sounds, Supreme Beats, Albion Orchestra, and lot’s more!

Piano:  Kawai K-8 52 inch upright

Guitars:  Breedlove acoustic and Schecter electrics.

Newest addition:  a rare 4 reed Bina harmonium.


Albert Einstein to take a screen test!

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That man looks wise!

Oh, it's just me. It's great to have friends!

I will be doing a video demo of my musical Einstein portrayal soon.

I am booking performances for 2012!

The Einstein album is released!

// November 21st, 2009 // 1 Comment » // Blog, Einstein, Music, News, science, Updates

cover image

This album represents years of work and I am proud to share it with everyone.   It is my first vocal work and is filled with pianos, guitars, synthesizers, strings, and musical portraits of one of the most brilliant and influential figures in history.

Einstein Estate OKs Belote’s Album

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Hebrew University in Israel, to whom the bequeath of the Estate of Albert Einstein has been made, has formally approved the release of “Portraits of Albert E.” by William Belote. The personality rights of a iconic figure like Einstein are not licensed without a thorough review of the product and creative force behind that product. It is an honor to receive their stamp of approval.   Here is some of why I was inspired.

Wheeeeeeeee!  Now there's an album about me!

Wheeeeeeeee! Now there's an album about me!

CD Release Date Set for “Portraits of Albert E.”

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The new CD will be available for purchase in December!  “Portraits of Albert E.” Excerpts are posted already and there will be podcast commentaries coming soon with all the inside info on the life of Albert Einstein that inspired the songs, as well as a peak behind the studio wall at the players and gear.

Front cover