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3-D images of the Sun

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Amazing stereo images of our dear sun. We are so utterly dependent upon this fragile ball of nuclear fusion a mere 93,000,000 miles away, more or less. Thank you NASA for the good work. Notice a particularly spectacular flare near the end of the video in the upper right hand corner.




Radio waves carry Einstein

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By the end of this January 2010, music directors at radio stations around the country will have “Portraits of Albert E.” in their music libraries. If your favorite station would play some of the songs from this album, feel free to contact them and/or me to play musical matchmaker.

Hey Einstein – What is The Olympia Academy?

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Yes indeed! Inquiring minds want to know what is the Olympia Academy, who belongs to this rarefied bastion of thought, and can I join? No you can’t join, but listen to the podcast and learn something new about the young Einstein.

The Einstein album is released!

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cover image

This album represents years of work and I am proud to share it with everyone.   It is my first vocal work and is filled with pianos, guitars, synthesizers, strings, and musical portraits of one of the most brilliant and influential figures in history.

“Portraits of Albert E.” The album

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Front cover

This album of songs inspired by the life of Albert Einstein will be available soon at CDbaby and itunes.  For now, enjoy these excerpts, and find out why Einstein? Quantcast

Cosmic Love

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Hey, I’m all for cosmic love, but these two should get a room!  Oh, I suppose it’s just gravity at work. NGC 2207 and IC 2163 are a pair of spiral galaxies about 144 million light-years away in the constellation Canis Major that are in the process of colliding and merging together. In about a billion years time they will merge and become an elliptical galaxy. As solitary stars have been found to be the exception, so we find that many galaxies are headed for mixing it up with neighbors.

At this distance, an embrace of light.

At this distance, an embrace of light.


CD Release Date Set for “Portraits of Albert E.”

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The new CD will be available for purchase in December!  “Portraits of Albert E.” Excerpts are posted already and there will be podcast commentaries coming soon with all the inside info on the life of Albert Einstein that inspired the songs, as well as a peak behind the studio wall at the players and gear.

Front cover