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Sonic bathing and devotional chanting

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With Michael and Gloria Schultz, me, Julie, KD, Joanne Karl (co-owner of the Integratron), and Nina Rao.

It was a great weekend with friends old and new in Joshua Tree, CA.  We met at the Integratron for a ‘sound bath’, which must be experienced to be appreciated.  We were thrilled to be joined by Krishna Das along with his manager and band member Nina Rao.  I could tell he was a real holy man when he swapped Cherrios recipes with film and TV director Michael Schultz.  We had a great time getting to know each other a bit before immersing ourselves in the upper chamber of the Integratron where Joanne Karl expertly performed on the array of crystal bowls.  It was hypnotic, healing, and moving.

The next day we went to a concert at the Bhaktifest, a yearly festival of Yoga, music, and many things ‘New Age’.  We were there to hear Krishna Das, who is as many of you know perhaps the preeminent devotional chant master now performing.  Here is a taste of his life’s work:

KD in action – click for video

We wrapped up our desert trip with an excursion through the Joshua Tree Nat. Monument.  Joining us were Vipal, Sajel, and Ishan Shaw, new friends that feel like family.   Regarding the park – it is other worldly – an amazing place full of rock formations, open desert with the famous Joshua trees, and wild life including desert tortoise.  This one was crossing the road right in front of our car.

Ishan with a new friend.

Sequoia #1

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A few images from Sequoia National Park. This was a mid summer visit from last year. One can easily feel so peaceful and enraptured with the display of life, one might forget about ‘problems’. Oh no!

The Swift Achiever is here! Sacred Tibetan chants

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JLB_2945Boy Jigme in route to monestary









The long awaited CD of Lama Jigme Tenzin has officially dropped.   A chant master and long time Buddhist from Bhutan, Lama Jigme has performed original renditions of sacred Tibetan chants.  He asked my wife Julie and I to produce a modern album that would help people realize the depth inherent in these works, and also to give some danceable beats to a few of the chants.   The album is accompanied by two videos, Swift Achiever and Blessings Like Rain.

Kalu Rinpoche 2


Lama Jigme is a long time disciple of H.E. Kalu Rinpoche, (1905 – May 10, 1989).  He was a Buddhist monk, meditation master, scholar and teacher. He was one of the first Tibetan masters to teach in the West.  The complete album, “Dragon Voice”,  is a new take on Sacred Buddhist Chants.



The process was an interesting one for me, to say the least.  Lama Jigme would sing a free time improvisational rendition and then gave me complete freedom to do whatever I wanted.  It was Stravinsky who spoke of ‘the abyss of freedom,’ and I now have some idea what he was speaking about.   I’m not a Stravinsky – After considering a range of options, I did gravitate to the use of modular and classic polyphonic synthesizers and the modern studio effects that can enhance – or foul up –  any recording.  photo 1



I wanted the listener to be able to  submerge themselves in the sound.  These chants can be very relaxing and sometimes rather intense, dealing as they do with spiritual entities and planes of consciousness that encompass the full spectrum of existence.JLB_0369




It is our wish that this music will serve to bring some small measure of peace and harmony to any and all beings who hear it.

A New Take on Sacred Buddhist Chants

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Lama Jigme Tensin, disciple of H.E. his eminence Kalu Rinpoche

Lama Jigme Tenzin, disciple of H.E. Kalu Rinpoche

“Blessings Like Rain” is the first music/video collaboration between Lama Jigme Tenzin and Music House Productions with William Belote and Julie Lilly-Belote.  It is inspired by the deeply resonant singing of Lama Jigme as he chants sacred texts from his Tibetan Buddhist tradition.   The complete chants is found here.

Lama Jigme Tenzin, disciple of H.E.  Kalu Rinpoche is a renouned international Chant Master.  The complete album, “Dragon Voice”,  is a new take on Sacred Buddhist Chants.  It will be released within a month along with an uptempo collaboration entitled “Swift Achiever”.

Sheila, the Synth Goddess episode #1

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Sheila and the family start their amazing adventure into higher realms of consciousness, spiritual quackery, and the world of synthesizers.

Butterfly Love

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Two lovers in the midst of passion, or two energy vortex of color and movement doing the dance of the ages, or two random entities bumping into one another, randomly doing the evolutionary thing, and a lot more!

From the train to Oregon

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When we want to escape L.A., we are often drawn to the Oregon coast for its’ incredible beauty and opportunities for solitude.

This video is only of the view from the train up to Klamath Falls, OR. Much more from actually being there soon. It is accompanied by music from my first album “Mindsailing”. To my ears now, it has its’ cringe worthy moments, but the spirit is well intentioned. Kind of like me generally!

3-D images of the Sun

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Amazing stereo images of our dear sun. We are so utterly dependent upon this fragile ball of nuclear fusion a mere 93,000,000 miles away, more or less. Thank you NASA for the good work. Notice a particularly spectacular flare near the end of the video in the upper right hand corner.