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Sonic bathing and devotional chanting

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With Michael and Gloria Schultz, me, Julie, KD, Joanne Karl (co-owner of the Integratron), and Nina Rao.

It was a great weekend with friends old and new in Joshua Tree, CA.  We met at the Integratron for a ‘sound bath’, which must be experienced to be appreciated.  We were thrilled to be joined by Krishna Das along with his manager and band member Nina Rao.  I could tell he was a real holy man when he swapped Cherrios recipes with film and TV director Michael Schultz.  We had a great time getting to know each other a bit before immersing ourselves in the upper chamber of the Integratron where Joanne Karl expertly performed on the array of crystal bowls.  It was hypnotic, healing, and moving.

The next day we went to a concert at the Bhaktifest, a yearly festival of Yoga, music, and many things ‘New Age’.  We were there to hear Krishna Das, who is as many of you know perhaps the preeminent devotional chant master now performing.  Here is a taste of his life’s work:

KD in action – click for video

We wrapped up our desert trip with an excursion through the Joshua Tree Nat. Monument.  Joining us were Vipal, Sajel, and Ishan Shaw, new friends that feel like family.   Regarding the park – it is other worldly – an amazing place full of rock formations, open desert with the famous Joshua trees, and wild life including desert tortoise.  This one was crossing the road right in front of our car.

Ishan with a new friend.

The truth is out there . . . also.

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OK – let me tell you about “The Integratron”, a bit of science fiction come to life.  Built starting in the  late 40’s by George Van Tassel, an aviation scientist with stints at Hughes and Lockheed, the building/device  took 18 years to complete, and he passed away on the day it was to be tested.

Sitting on a mysterious geomagnetic vortex and originally designed as a healing device, it functions now as an incredible acoustic chamber where the sisters who now own it perform ‘sound baths’ for individuals and groups using crystal bowls to caress the purest tones I’ve ever heard outside of a synthesizer generated sine wave.   Located in Landers, CA., just north of the city of Joshua Tree in the high desert, the Integratron sits like a resting spacecraft from another civilization.    As it turns out, Van Tassel was a major UFO enthusiast.  He told of experiencing contact with aliens who inspired his work.  What I find undeniable is the beauty and intrigue of the Integratron itself and the hallucinatory experience of a sound bath.  Highly Recommended!